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We are a group of pool players who realised during the pandemic how much we missed playing pool each week in our local pub league.

We had the idea of expanding our weekly game to include singles matches and tournaments but came to realise that there was no easy entry in these types of competitions, especially not if we wanted to manage it via an app or website. So we set about providing this service for our friends and quickly realised there were a lot of other people interested, so the idea grew from there.

We hope you are as excited about this as we are. If so, please register your interest here and we'll keep you updated with our progress.


Image by Krisztina Papp

Choose a Home Venue

Your Venue


When matching you with opponents there will be a 50/50 chance of playing at either home or away. The venue will be contacted and the table reserved for your game.


Update Your Availability

Your Calendar


When matching you up with an opponent you will be scheduled to play at the next available time that you are both available to play. it is important to keep your calendar up to date to avoid having to cancel matches.

Image by Joshua Golde

Choose a competition to Play

Your Matches


Whether it is tournaments, leagues, or challenging your mates, we've got you covered. Play for free or choose your own stakes. You can do it all through our app and we'll keep track of your stats.

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