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  • How does it work?
    1. Create a profile 2. Choose your Home venue (optional) 3. Invite friends 4. Choose a match, league, tournament to enter or create your own 5. Play your match at either your home venue or your opponents venue 6. Submit match result 7. Check Leaderboard progress 8. Repeat
  • Where will I play my matches?
    When you allow the app to know your location you will be shown a list of the available venues in your area. You will then choose a venue as your 'Home'. When a match is created, home or away will be randomly chosen by the app. The venue will be notified and requested to reserve the table and once confirmed the match is ready to go ahead. The home player is expected to pay for the table fee (if there is one). It is therefore a good idea to try and choose a venue that will let you play for free. It is considered good etiquette for the loser of the match to offer to buy the winner a drink. If using the app to arrange and play in private matches it is not mandatory to choose a venue and book a table as not all venues will be registered with UK Pool Club straight away, we will gradually increase the areas we support.
  • What rules are we playing?
    The default will be World Rules. However when creating private games or competitions you have the option to choose EPA or International Rules instead. There will be a quick reference to the main rules on the app and website and also a link to the a World Rules website. We have posted an interesting video in the blog section of this website that talks about some tactics for winning games.
  • How are the balls set up?
    Like this for World Rules Like this for EPA
  • What happens if my opponents doesn't turn up?
    It is important to keep your availability calendar kept up to date, as we will match you and your opponents to play at the next time that you are both available. Once a match has been made you cannot cancel, however you are welcome to contact your opponent through the app to request the match is rescheduled. When you arrive at the venue, check in, and if your opponent hasn't arrived after 15 minutes then you will be awarded the match.
  • What if there is a dispute?
    We hope that all players participate within the spirit of the game. The rules of the game will be available for quick reference on the app. If there is a dispute that can't be resolved then the match will be marked as void with any stakes returned to the players. If a player is repeatedly reported of cheating or not playing with integrity then we will reserve the right to investigate and ban that player if necessary. We may randomly attend matches to monitor or referee where we feel it may be appropriate.
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